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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of creating and analyzing intelligent and accurate 3D models. The BIM process saves time and money during all stages of design and construction by enabling greater foresight. Everyone from owners to tradesmen get to participate in a more coherent, efficient project. Find out how we can help you get involved in BIM!

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No matter the trade, we're able to assist the design team in supplementing their design or converting it from 2D to 3D.

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The backbone of BIM is the ability to compile information into a virtual 3D model. Every detail of a building can be modeled as it will be built in the field. 3D models are more than just a reproduction of a 2D floorplan. Since each 3D element reflects the actual size and location of the real product, many details of construction can be worked out before installation. Our models allow clients to manufacture and install products with ease.

Content Creation and Auditing: We can supply your model with custom elements, verify model elements against contract documents, and generate content based on initial designs.

Fabrication-ready models: For mechanical and plumbing trades, we can model based on the specifications and preferences of the client so they can send the model straight to their fabrication machines. Each piece in the model is numbered and corresponds to the installation drawings, so the pieces are easy to assemble.

Shop drawings: Shop drawings include all the details needed to install the system. The information provided is fully customized to the client’s needs to ensure we deliver clean, accurate drawings. These drawings will correspond to the contract documents for easy reference. 

As-built drawings: As construction progresses, not everything is installed as planned. Drawing sets can be revised throughout construction process to reflect any changes. See "Scan-to-BIM" section below.

Model-based Estimating: The ever-increasing detail of 3D models makes them a great resource for estimating materials and other project costs. We can complete a quantity takeoff from a 3D model and provide an accurate and functional takeoff.

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Once construction is underway, resolving clashes between trades becomes a costly and lengthy process. A building that is fully coordinated in 3D before construction begins saves time, money, and frustration.

Preconstruction Coordination: Working with architects and engineers, we can help to design MEP systems that are efficient and constructible. The sooner we get involved, the more value we can provide.

Coordination Lead: Our team can manage the coordination process among subcontractors. We identify clashes and work with all trades to ensure they are resolved.

MEP Coordination: Our team can work to resolve clashes for a specific building trade. We adhere to the trade hierarchy set by the general contractor while advocating for the best solution for you, our client.

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We combine detailed 3D content with advanced rendering software to create photo-realistic images and animations. These renderings mimic real-world conditions to give a glimpse into what a project will look like during all phases of construction.

Renderings: Ideal for marketing or conveying design intent, these images and videos give a glimpse into how the completed project will appear. We can match exact finishes, add furniture, vegetation, and more to create realistic settings.  

Virtual reality Walk-through: For a fully immersive experience, we simulate project conditions in 3D to allow a user to step into the model and interact with the virtual environment.

Image overlays: We can combine a rendered image with an existing photograph to show the project in its real-world context.

Site logistics plans: While traditional site logistics show only a 2D representation of the site, we take it a step further by showing real-world conditions in 3D. This allows our clients to show in greater detail how the site will be safely, efficiently managed.

Presentations: Using all of the above resources, we can put together a presentation of your project, highlighting various stages of construction and adding labels to point out different elements.

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Laser scans can capture the existing conditions of a building or site with more accuracy than traditional measurement tools. These highly detailed scans can then be turned into extremely accurate models. In this way, 3D models can be created without any design or construction documents. This can be especially useful in projects that involve the renovation of an existing building.  

As-built Model: We can reproduce an existing building and site elements in 3D. 

As-built with Renovations: If an existing building is in need of updates, we can model the building in its existing phase and then add in renovations.

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